Additional accessories For sports For games Safety Creative Activities
Additional accessories For games For sports Safety Creative Activities
Additional accessories Safety For sports For games Creative Activities
Additional accessories Creative Activities For sports For games Safety
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Additional accessories

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Frequently asked
What material are sports complexes made from?

Sports-playing complexes KIDWOOD are made from natural wood and covered with a double water-based varnish layer. Due to the fact, that the wooden parts KIDWOOD are perfectly polished, there is no risk to leave burrs on a child’s handles during the game. Water-based varnish is odorless and completely safe for the kids.

What is the difference between KIDWOOD and other sports facilities?

The biggest sports complex KIDWOOD takes only 1.5 square meters.
You can easily dissemble the complex, if there is need to clear the space.
KIDWOOD can be turned on different faces, new turn creates a new playing space. For different models up to 5 playing positions are provided.
Additional accessories open unlimited opportunities of sports complex KIDWOOD.

For children of what age KIDWOOD is suitable?

Sports complex KIDWOOD is suitable for children from one year to primary school age.

Sports complex has small height, I worry that it will be small for my child soon after purchasing...

The height of almost all sports complexes is a little bit more than a meter. In the younger age such height allows parents to monitor situation and help a child to do exercises with horizontal bars and hanging accessories. Being older, a child can safely jump down from the top of the complex, or sit on the top bars without fear. Furthermore, a child can hang upside down and do not shock adults. Playing on KIDWOOD every day, a child makes all herself, easy and with pleasure, thus developing all the muscle groups and the vestibular apparatus.

Where sports complexes are produced, who is the manufacturer?

LLC Ranniy Start is the manufacturer of all sports complexes KIDWOOD. This is a unique development.

Is it easy to assemble the complex?

The package of any sports game corner KIDWOOD includes instruction, guidelines for the assembly and set of tools for assembly. You do not need an additional tool for the installation of a sports complex.

I have two children. Can they do exercises on the sports complex simultaneously?

Maximum load on the frame during exploitation is 90 kg., thus, several kids can play together.

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